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We are the best at what we do, when it comes to renewable energy; think ACOB Mini-grid Solutions Captive Power Solutions Leasing of Equipment EPC

Mini-grid Solutions

ACOB provides minigrid solutions that serve a wide range of customers which include private households, commercial businesses such as shops, ice makers and mobile phone…

Captive Power solutions

ACOB provides Solar and Inverter system to residential customers, commercial customers and for public driven projects. For example, gas stations, banks, schools, business offices and…

Leasing of Equipment

Over the years ACOB has invested and will invest in engineering project implementation and servicing equipment such as Platform, Hiab, Energy Audit Device, Energy Logger…

EPC of Renewable Solutions

We carry out detailed engineering design of the projects, procure all the equipment and materials necessary. We execute and deliver the project within an agreed…

About Us

ACOB LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY LIMITED is an indigeniously owned Nigerian Company incorporated in 2016, with its headquaters located in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria ACOB is specifically targeted to provide clean, affordable and sustainable power through renewable energy power solutions