Mini-grid Solutions

ACOB provides minigrid solutions that serve a wide range of customers which include private households, commercial businesses such as shops, ice makers and mobile phone chargers, agricultural loads such as cold storage, productive loads such as grind mills, food processing and wood or metal working shops, and semi-industrials such as telecom towers.


16Kw Solar Mini Grid Electrification of Ihuama Community in AHOA, East LGA of Rivers State Nigeria – 2016

16kw solar mini grid electrification of Dodan Karji community in Kaduna state- 2017

7.5kwp solar hybrid mini-grid system at Ningi local government Area Bauchi, Nigeria- 2018

10kwp solar hybrid mini-grid system at Gololo community Bauchi in Gamawa Bauchi state, Nigeria – 2018


Completed 10KwP Hybrid Mini Grid Electrification of Tarmasuwa Community In Gamawa Local Governement of Bauchi state under the Rural Electrification Agency Capital Project – 2019

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